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When people have struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, it is all too common for the addictive substances to gather in the body. This creates a tolerance that can reach unimaginable and extremely harmful levels. This can endanger the body in addition to the mind, and make recovery even more challenging. Detoxification is a medical procedure that eliminates addictive substances like drugs and alcohol by cleansing them from the body. Many times, people confuse detox with rehab, but detox itself is not a treatment plan. Detox centers realize that the detox procedure can be intimidating for people that have been using for a few years, but it is the safest way because it is monitored.

Detox is supposed to get rid of harmful drugs from the addict’s body, however it must also be safe and monitored. Different types of drugs or alcohol addictions need different detoxes before a successful treatment can happen. Prior to entering a treatment program, the addict needs to successfully detox. Medically trained health care professionals are on staff to certify that clients obtain the absolute best level of care and supervision. Attempting to withdraw cold turkey may lead to complicated health conditions, and in some instances death, so it’s best to choose the plan that’s right for your addiction.

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